Post 1618: a sleepy morning…

IMG_20180112_141634 (1)

Andy is very sleepy this morning and can’t be lured off his new happy spot, the top of the stacked cat carriers. When he isn’t on top, he slips into the top carrier for a little privacy and a different place to snooze. 

Dougy looks a bit more ready for Freddy! So I get out the wand toy for what promises to be a vigorous, enthusiastic play session!

Whew~ could use a vacuuming by and under the recliner! But for the moment, it’s a dead bust for play. Dougy decides he’s not in the mood.


Since Andy’s still on the stacked carriers…

…Dougy hops up on the computer desk and hangs out on Andy’s sometimes happy place. What cheek!


“So what?” Dougy seems to say, “Andy can come and take it if he thinks he’s a big enough kitty boy!”