Post 1613: the quiet kitty boy…


Disengaged and ready to sleep…


…then very engaged and showing full horns! 

Andy is the “quiet” kitty, but there are ways to follow what’s on his mind.


33 thoughts on “Post 1613: the quiet kitty boy…

    • When a kitty is interested in something, the skin on their heads wrinkles up. In short haired cats, you see the wrinkles, but in long haired ones, the hair “pooches” up into this reasonable approximation of horns! Makes me laugh, too! Another thing is when they shake their heads, their ears make a sound that I can’t describe but always find amusing!

      • I have one cat that whenever we pet his head and he’s had enough, he shakes his head and his ears make a flap clap sound … I like to say it’s his bat flapping sound.

        I’ll have to see if my 2 long haired fellas make or have horns … They’re certainly devilish enough!

        • I’ve tried for years to try to capture that sound but the head shake thing is not frequent and always happens when I don’t have anything to capture it with. “Bat flapping sound” captures it perfectly! Made me laugh just bringing up memories of the sound! Thanks!

    • Me, either! (I know I look pretty rough when I get up. Ick!) The longer their hair, the more prominent their “horns”! Until they grew long hair, I’d never seen kitty “horns”, which become more prominent once the hair is long.

    • It’s more obvious the longer their hair grows. In short-haired cats, their foreheads wrinkle, but you don’t get the “horns” effect. One things for sure: once you see kitty “horns” you will always see them!

  1. Andy is so expressive in the two situations !
    Thank you , Doug, for the long comment and for sharing your experience of the fistula and of the dialysis. I read and re-read it. This is precious.
    Than you, my friend

    • That he is! Cats are a bit harder to read than dogs, but they are equally expressive in their kitty ways!

      I am happy to share my experience with dialysis and sources for more information on the process and concerns we need to keep aware of.

      Though many people learn you are on dialysis and think “How terrible!” the truth is it is relatively painless. It must be difficult for people still working, but for a retired person, the three-times-a-week process is less onerous.

      Though not yet available, there is research for an implantable artificial kidney that doesn’t require a power source. Here’s a link to more information:

  2. is there something like a quiet kitty? I’ve read in a book once that cats are always awake even when they sleep… sadly I’m no cat and my teacher disagreed about always awake from the inside…

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