Post 1622: A secret look at a “video for dogs”…!


Andy gets ready to watch a video that claims to be for dogs. Some of his best friends are dogs, Andy thinks, not to mention his curiosity is killing him. He wonders what interests his doggy friends. 

Dougy boycotts the viewing, noting he’d not let his innocence go down the drain just to see what interests…”them”! Who knew Dougy harbored “caninophobic” – to coin a word – tendencies?


“Dogs like this?” Oh well! Andy likes it, so he continues to watch.


Dougy continues to ignore the video, even though the sound track includes bird sounds! “Probably about bird cussing a dog chasing a stick,” Dougy guesses.


Dougy pretends to be interested in the news, but can’t ignore the enticing critter sounds on the video soundtrack much longer. He takes a peek!

Andy can’t believe how silly his brother can be! A video featuring things dogs like can be interesting for cats, too. Andy’s a cat, and he thinks so!

He rates this video “Four Paws” because it features close up views of interesting critters and lasts a long, long time. So what if it’s labelled as “for dogs”!? It’s a great kitty video, too.