Point 1630: wand toy play in the PM…


Dougy’s in the mood today! The new wand toy’s caught his attention, and he tries it out in a new place today – the box by the flamingo tub.

He likes it because he can hide “The Magnificent Paw of Total Capture and No Hope Forever Till Death” under the box flap. You know, the prey sees the pussy cat, but not the paw that is it’s doom! Clever kitty boy!


Andy’s playing on the computer desk, trying to remove the memory stick off the PC and other mischief. He’s a bit aware of Dougy playing across the way….


Dougy moved over to the scratcher…


…and Andy watched till Dougy ran off… 


…giving Andy a chance to play with the new wand toy, too!


The play went to the floor, where Andy lost track of the wand toy “bug”. “Where’s the bug?!” Andy is confused.


Hee! Hee! It’s on Andy’s back!

23 thoughts on “Point 1630: wand toy play in the PM…

  1. That’s a fine green bug, Andy & Dougy! Mom says she bought me one, but she forgot to by the wand attachment for it! That looks super fun! It will have to move lightning fast if it’s to avoid that magnificent paw, fur sure!

    • You can have fun just dangling the toy by the string! I have to do that when Andy and Dougy see me take a new wand toy lure out of the box but haven’t pout it on the wand yet! Of course, it isn’t as handy when not on the wand, but it is still fun for the kitty!

    • Andy gets excited when he sees my smart phone cord hanging empty. I usually keep the phone on trickle charge, but there is some sort of feedback (overhead fan?) when I use it there, so I disconnect it from the charging cord, turning the cord into a cat toy, by Andy’s perception.

    • The kitty boys both like the Neko wand toys. The Birbug (sort of a combination of a bird and a bug!) is their all time favorite. It is large and yummy, per their “comments”!

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