Post 1631: Andy won’t be cowed!


Andy stops by and hints broadly that he wants to watch videos for cats. Of course, I accommodate the wee rascal!  


Soon after Dougy shows up and puts on a cattitude. Andy decides he’s had enough and leaves the recliner footrest.


Yeah! The PC gives a safe and perfect look outside at the fir tree where lots of birds seek shelter! Andy’s happy again.



20 thoughts on “Post 1631: Andy won’t be cowed!

  1. Fantastic….I love to watch them being couch potatoes. I took the site you sent and set it on the tv from the computer. Shoko was mesmerized. I have a picture I’m going to send. Shoks is getting antsy cause she wants out but it just keeps snowing….this is a way to keep her quiet.



    • There are .lots of these videos on YouTube, and you can experiment with your kitties to see which ones amuse them the most! I was surprised that a really boring (to me!) video featuring a string that pops in and out of view was most liked by Andy. He also likes ones with squirrels or mice, though the bird ones are always a hot. He also liked the fish ones and wasted no time swatting at the screen. I think a tablet would be better than a PC or laptop to show these to one’s kitties.


  2. Did anyone watch the daytime animal soaps? Perhaps “As the squirrels turn?” I love that you always have the footrest up. It’s not really a foot rest, is it? It’s a special cat bed that angles out from your chair! 🙂


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