Post 1683: getting his kitty on…!


Andy is minding his business when “something” plops in front of his face…


…and, boy, does he get his kitty on!

18 thoughts on “Post 1683: getting his kitty on…!

    • Of course, the exception to the rule is when the kitty boy’s not in the mood! Fortunately, Dougy usually is! Andy takes a bit of coaxing. I think he had the disadvantage of leaving his littermates and mommy before he was ready. Technically, he was the traditional age for leaving his mommy, but each kitty is different, eh?!

    • How true! And I keep that in mind when the dangling thing is my finger. LOL! (The “save” in that instance is to rub that spot between the eyes that they have a hard time getting to. Andy drools, and Dougy’s eyes roll backwards in ecstacy! LOL!)

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