Post 1684: They say it’s my birthday!


They say it’s my birthday.


Woo hoo! Happy Birthday to me! My sister Kathy knows how to make her little brother happy!


Of course, she’s Molly’s Mom!


And I have Andy and Dougy to prove the point: Life is good ~ Cats do make it better! Thanks, Kathy! 


It started with Louie the ginger cat and poor, fated Freckles, my first kitty. I’ve come to love my kitties more and more, and they never cease to amuse and entertain me! 

85 thoughts on “Post 1684: They say it’s my birthday!

  1. To cat9984: I accidentally deleted you birthday greetings, a nasty quirk of option placement on WordPress. Thank you! Sorry I messed up. I found the place where you can undo things – eventually! – but the action didn’t take place. Fie on WordPress!!!

  2. Belated happy birthday Doug. I am sorry to be late . yesterday we were not at home. we made a large tour by car to visite nine graves and florish them for Palm day next Sundy.We drove 300 km and I was tired yesterday night.
    I hope the two hkittis have been especially kind for this special day
    In friendship

    • The kitty boys were very respectful of me yesterday. I was very tired after dialysis, in port because I had meal at the local Chinese restaurant where I included plum wine with it. (Too sweet – I don’t care for overly sweet wines! Gewuertztraminers, Reislings, and Mosel wines are more in line with what I like. Even those like the Eiswein and Spaetlese wines, though sweet, aren’t candy-sweetish!) Anyway, since I was exhausted, I took a nap, and they did, too!

    • Me, too! Thanks! I had a great birthday, though I didn’t celebrate so much as share with others. Once I survived the onset of Wegener’s granulomatosis, I realized I was living a second life, one that I nearly missed out on having. In celebration of that, I give on my birthday instead of getting! In this case, I took baked goods in to the nurses and fellow patients at dialysis. No big deal, but every one enjoys a nice fruit-filled roll or a chocolate-frosted roll, and I enjoy sharing with others!

    • I had some plum wine with my Chinese meal, but that was the extent of it. (Plum wine, I found, is too sweet for my tastes, which run to Reislings and Mosel wines….)

    • No cat goodies (boxes even) came my way, but I always keep kitty treats on hand because Andy (in particular) has a schedule when he expects me to hand them out. AND he tolerates no missed kitty treat times!!!

    • I am imagining where it will look best. I want to have the sign where I can see it easily, but where it fits the surrounding photos. The best spot is not the best for viewing, though. Hmm. It’ll hang soon enough!

  3. Happy Birthday friend! Benji says that you need to treat yourself and the boys with lots of good yummies in the tummies. Wishing you lots of sunshine too, the ZAB team.

    • Thanks, Anarette! I treated myself to a meal at a local Chinese restaurant and the kitty boys to their favorite Greenies treats (I don’t get paid to mention them…). As noted elsewhere, the best part was an afternoon napo the kitty boys and I took.

  4. Happy birthday! Hope the kitty boys don’t give you too many birthday spankings (or swats) with their claws! And may you enjoy their gifts of cat hair as either condiments or as accessories … Or both! 🎂

    • Well, one of them gave a gift of vomit on the bathroom floor. Or maybe it was light diarrhea. Either way, I found it before I took my shoes and socks off and found it with my bare feet! LOL! Anyway, I had a great day, with a refreshing nap with the kitty boys in the afternoon.

    • Thank you Michael! Having survived the onset of Wegener’s granulomatosis (and a prognosis in December of 2003 of being dead within two years!), each day is a blessing, and each day is a gift of time I didn’t expect to have!

    • Thanks! I had a great day and the kitty boys (of course) got their treats on schedule. Andy made sure of that. He is a taskmaster when it comes to those treats, and he never lets me forget when it’s kitty treat time!

    • Yes, Molly is a very pretty cat! My sister says she’s a very sweet kitty girl, too. I had a great day on my birthday, but the best part was the afternoon nap the kitty boys and I took. LOL!

    • Not loud and long, and no catnip, though there was kitty treats for the kitty boys before we three took an afternoon nap! Anyway, thanks! I had a great birthday, but a quiet one!

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