Post 1692: Andy’s a bit under the weather…or is he?


Andy looked rough this morning. Though his forehead feels cool, he acts like he doesn’t feel well. You know cats: It is difficult to tell for sure. I’ve seen a bit of diarrhea on the floor in the bathroom the last day or so, but couldn’t attach it to one or the other cat. Until this morning, neither looked nor acted like they might feel unwell. Andy, in addition to looking a bit rough, smells a bit like poop, like he hasn’t been able to get all the diarrhea out of his tail feathers.  


Dougy was on the back of the computer chair while I tried try to determine how Andy felt. Dougy lets me brush him so looks much better groomed, of course, than his brother.

This looks a bit strange, but when I “scritched” the newly brushed Andy at the base of his tail, he did what he always does: He wrapped his tail around my arm. I then “scritched” up and down his spine, something both kitty boys love, love, love. I hope Andy feels better for it.

Poor kitty! I hope he feels better when I get home from dialysis, that he’s just tired or not seriously sick. If not, I will try to get him in for a check up by his veterinarian. I feel bad that I can’t just skip dialysis and care for Andy’s needs.



[As soon as I got home from dialysis, I took Andy in for an exam. It turned out he is very sick indeed, with high blood pressure and a urinary tract infection. His veterinarian put him on a new blood pressure medicine and gave him an injection for the infection. I left him over night at the clinic. They will give me a call Friday morning to let me know how he is. Poor Dougy has been sniffing all over the apartment, trying to figure out where Andy is. I’ve held him a lot more today than ever, trying to reassure him things are OK. I will keep you updated on Andy.]  


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    • I got to see him yesterday, but I made sure Dougy got to smell him on my hands before I washed them. He’s a bit lost without his brother here. He’s spent a lot of time sniffing all the places Andy likes to perch and meowing at me, trying to get an answer he understands. I hate to think of the day I have the first one die because Dougy’s reaction now to Andy being gone is probably what I will have to deal with.

  1. Oh poor little guy. I know you have a good vet, if they are being cautious and keepng him until everything is stable and under control. There are special urinary tract foods on the market and I’m sure your vet can advise you, since some are prescripion. I have been lucky that most of the medicines I’ve had to give could be mixed with food, I don’t know if that’s an option for Andy.

    • Andy’s medicine can be ground and mixed in water (I guess) that has a chicken or tuna flavor, kitty’s choice. It has to be refrigerated, but that’s a small problem compared with giving a kitty a pill or mixing it in food. I’ve had better luck giving Andy liquid medicine than the other methods. As for the special diet, I will ask their veterinarian about that. They already are on one that controls weight and hairballs in adult cats, but they are getting to the place where they need to go to the next level of food for cats over six years of age – they turn seven years old this coming July 1st.

  2. Recently I gave lily treats with a flavor that was mixed in it made her so sick plus she always
    Does the floor thing looking for things she shouldn’t be
    Pets when a person can’t
    Good luck Doug
    I keep the porch light on
    As Sheldon Always

    • Thank you, Sheldon. Andy’s had medication n=before with tuna or chicken flavor mixed in and handled it well once I gave it to him. He didn’t like the idea of it, and I sometimes had to wrap him in a towel to hold him still enough to squirt the medicine in the mouth.

  3. How good that you were able to get Andy to the vet and get your own needed care done too! I hope Andy feels better soon and you are all together again !

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that Andy’s not feeling well. I sure hope he bounces back soon! I know it’s hard to be away from him for both you and Dougie. Hope Andy can come home soon!

    • That it is. Dougy’s still camping out on spots his brother usually uses. He needs more attention now, too. Well, he demands more attention. I wish there were some way to reassure him so he understood the specifics of where his brother is and why.

    • Thank you, Yvonne. Dougy and I miss Andy, of course, but the main thing is he’s getting good care now. The clinic closes at noon on Saturdays, I think, but I hope to see Andy after dialysis today. If c=nothing else, I’ll get an update on how he’s doing.

  5. OH NO, Mr. Doug! I’m sad to learn that Andy is feeling so sick. I’m super glad you got him in to the V-E-T when you did. How long has Andy been on blood pressure meds? Purr-lease give him kisses from me & Mom. And tell Dougy not to worry.

    • We’re doing what we have to do and hang in there till Andy comes home. I think Andy started blood pressure medicine in winter or early spring four years ago. At one point, his blood pressure was on the edge of acceptable.. His veterinarian gave me the choice of continuing the medication or stopping it. I continued it till I got sick and had to be hospitalized for end term kidney failure in 2016. When I got back home two and a half months later, Andy hadn’t had medication for the whole period. So, since he had been on the edge of OK, I didn’t continue the medication. Clearly, that wasn’t the right decision, but it concerns me that were I hospitalized in future, he might not get his medicine again. It’s one thing to care for one’s neighbors naughty cats, and another to give one of them medicine once a day.

  6. Bad days, Doug- but you did what is necessary very quickly, and the veterinarian is very good.
    Kitties are very brave, say nothing- but Andy showed you there was something unusual and you are so attentive.
    Sure you have loving attention for lonely Dougy.
    Waiting for news of the three of you – amitiés

    • 644/5000
      Oui, Dougy a besoin de plus de soins aujourd’hui. Bien que les garçons minets jouent dur et se querellent quelques jours, ils se manquent si l’on est chez le vétérinaire. Dougy renifle partout dans l’appartement, à la recherche d’Andy. Pour alléger sa charge, je le tenais et parlais doucement avec lui, le caressant, lui grattant les oreilles et la poitrine comme il l’aime, et massant le long de sa colonne vertébrale. Il aime vraiment ça! Andy aussi. Quoi qu’il en soit, je n’ai pas encore entendu parler de leur vétérinaire aujourd’hui, mais c’est le matin. Il fait des chirurgies le matin. J’attends quelque chose cet après-midi. Je vais probablement sortir un deuxième post pour la journée si j’ai plus de nouvelles sur Andy.

      Yes, Dougy needs extra care today. Though the kitty boys play rough and squabble some days, they miss each other if one is at the veterinarian’s. Dougy’s been sniffing all over the apartment, looking for Andy. To lighten his load, I’ve been holding him and talking softly with him, petting him, scratching his ears and chest the way he likes it, and massaging up and down his spine. He really likes that! So does Andy. Anyway, I haven’t heard from their veterinarian yet today, but it is morning. He does surgeries in the morning. I expect something this afternoon. I probably will put out a second post for the day if I have more news on Andy.

        • Um…”Google Translate French”! Some languages translate well enough to be recognizable to native speakers. French and more common European languages do. Sometimes, when someone I know lives in a non-English speaking country makes a comment that requires a long response, I like to give them the answer in a form that is easier to read than a long English answer. I know how it was when I was stationed in Germany. After a day living in another language, you get very fatigued doing all that mental sorting to get the words translated. Once you gain proficiency and aren’t mentally translating as you listen, it isn’t so bad.

          • It takes little time and makes it a little more personal, I think. I appreciate that so many international people follow this blog, though two kitties in Nebraska seems like a curious subject for such a diverse following!

    • I’m waiting for word from the veterinarian at the moment. He does surgery in the morning – it’s 1040 AM here – so I don’t expect any word from the clinic soon. Since Andy is where the health care is, I’m comfortable knowing he is comfortable and OK and healing. Dougy’s been a bit lost, sniffing all the spots his brother likes to spent time, so I’ve given him lot of loving attention to try to calm him down. He’s napping now.

    • Thank you. Andy started life a bit frail, and continues to be a bit more frail than his brother. He will be on a new heart medicine, which I’m sure he will love, love, love in chicken flavor – not! I will need instructions on helping Andy recover and infection control so Dougy doesn’t catch something, too.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! I feel bad for the little guy, but he is still at the clinic the next morning. If he has to stay there longer, I had the happy news this morning that I somehow, at some time accidentally paid a month ahead on my rent. That freed up several hundred dollars in case I have to board Andy there for a few days. I know the medical care will cost something, too, as will the medicine, so that serendipitous freeing up of the rent for April is a happy thing.

    • That it is. Dougy is lost without his brother. The torment each other and play with each other, but they are basically happy together. This isn’t the first time Dougy and Andy have been separated since I got them, but it’s always the same thing. Dougy’s been walking around the apartment, sniffing places where Andy hangs out, looking for his brother. I don’t know yet if Andy will be coming home today – too soon for their veterinarian to call me – but he’ll stay there as long as their veterinarian recommends.

    • Yes, the urinary tract infection can be. The high blood pressure, like in people, can be treated with medicine. He likely will require it the rest of his life, but it is important to treat, just like in people, because cats can have strokes and heart attacks, just like people, and untreated high blood pressure can result in kidney damage and loss of vision through damage to blood vessels..

    • Yes, and the older we all get – cats and human – the more important regular check up are. The kitty boys were going to have an annual check up around their birthday, July 1st, but this sped things up for Andy.

    • Thank you. Dougy and I are ok and Andy is still at the clinic, where his health care needs are being taken care of. I have great confidence in his veterinarian, and will follow his instructions for Andy. The main thing is Andy will recover in time, and I am willing to spend whatever it costs to assure he is cared for at the clinic as long as his veterinarian feels he needs to be there. As noted elsewhere, I over paid my apartment rent a full month somehow and at some time, so I have several hundred extra dollars I may need for Andy’s medicine and care that I didn’t realize I had till this morning. Whew!

    • Thank you, Samantha. While I am concerned about his health, of course and can’t wait till he can come home, I know he is in good care at the clinic. I got the bad news yesterday, I think. Andy won’t be happy getting daily heart medicine, but the infection in his urinary tract is a matter of injections as I understand it. I hope I don’t have to do the injections but I know how if I do. (During one illb=ness, the medications I took forced me to take insulin for a short time. I had to inject those into my stomach. I t was surprisingly easy and painless to do as long as I didn’t think about it while doing it. You know, the “ick” factor!)

      • Some cat kibbles have cranberry extract to help maintain urinary tract health, having four girly cats, spayed too, I have to be aware…they are all also horrible to give any form of medicine to…😢…sending love and positive thoughts to all of you 😺💕xxx

        • I’ll ask their veterinarian if he can recommend any food suitable for that purpose. Thanks for reminding me! Andy and Dougy will be sever=n years old on July 1st, and they are at a point in life when that is something that becomes more of an issue. Andy and I can handle liquid medicines more or less without drama (I lie!), so I’;m glad the new medicine is in liquid form, with chicken flavor. Thanks!

  7. oh nooo…. we hope for good news and the kitty boy can go home today… hugs and potp we cross all paws and fingers and we have the potp candle on to send good vibrations over to you…

    • I am comfortable with whatever his veterinarian has to say about Andy coming come. He’s been the kitty boys’ veterinarian since they were born, is very competent and compassionate, and I have full confidence in what he tells me. Andy will be upset knowing (well, finding out) he has to have blood pressure medication for the rest of his life, but it is in liquid form and chicken flavored. The urinary tract infection can be treated. I don’t knpw how long that takes or other details, but I know he got an injection yesterday for it.

        • Dougy is familiar with that scent, as is Andy. They v=both are pretty good at the veterinarian’s, though Dougy wants to explore (of course). I have to physically restrain him from jumping off the examination table. He’s been like that since he was a kitten1

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