Post 1693: Dougy deals with it…


Dougy’s been a bit lost while his brother Andy is at the the veterinarian’s clinic being treated for high blood pressure and a urinary tract infection. I reassure him as best I can, and “scritching” his chest is one thing that calms him down.

So, now I need reassurance myself.


Andy’s veterinarian called me to let me know Andy’s condition hasn’t changed enough to let him come home. I expected that and approved the stay over the weekend – or longer, as needed.

Andy’s veterinarian asked me to bring in some of the food I feed Andy, too, since Andy’s not eating well yet. I took dry and wet food, of course, but also a supply of Andy’s favorite treat, Greenies.

Poor little guy. Dougy and I miss him and look forward to him coming home.






48 thoughts on “Post 1693: Dougy deals with it…

  1. Sorry that Andy is still ill, but I know that sometimes you feel better when you know they are in the vet’s care – especially over the weekend. Hope your visit goes well. Purrs.

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    • I don’t know why Andy has high blood pressure, nor does his V-E-T as far as I know. I’m amazed a pampered kitty would have any reason to have high blood pressure, but poor Andy does. Ironically, I have the opposite problem: low blood pressure!


    • His veterinarian says he’ll probably get to come home tomorrow, Monday. His blood pressure is improving with the new medication. His blood pressure issues are chronic as well. Ironically, I have low blood pressure problems, though it typically is situational.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Dougy and I’m sure that both you and Andy miss him terribly while he’s being treated. A few years back my cat had a UTI and was in the animal hospital for 10 days and I worried constantly. Best wishes and hopes for a speedy and healthy reunion my friend!👍👊

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    • That we do. I saw Andy at the clinic yesterday, though, and made sure I got good scent on my hands by petting Andy and rubbing his tail through my hand. Dougy appreciated the chance to smell my hands when I got home. It seemed to calm his anxiety about the missing Andy!

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    • They do. I think a=Andy is more concerned with feeling better, but Dougy’s shown signs of missing Andy. When I visited Andy at the clinic yesterday, I made sure I got his scent on my hands through petting him and running his tail through my hand. When I got home, I made sure Dougy got to smell my hands as long as he wanted. It seemed to calm his anxiety knowing his brother was still around.

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    • Me, too, Samantha. Their veterinarian is very good, and many of the staff have been around since the kitty boys were kittens of a mother who belonged to another staff member. The kitty boys literally spent their first months in the clinic, with its smells, sounds, and looks. Needless to say, they got lots of attention as kittens, they were so cute!

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