Post 1820: Andy resists…to no avail

Andy spots the signs. It is time for his medicine!

IMG_20171001_114050 (1)

“Escape! Escape!” Andy will avoid it today if it’s the last thing he does! 


“You need to do better than that, kitty boy!” Andy hides in the open in a shadow, his current “hiding” place. 


“We gotta do it, kitty. We gotta do it!”


Andy was a big boy and took his medicine with only one yelp of protest when I picked him up. Yes, he got his kitty treats, too. 

8 thoughts on “Post 1820: Andy resists…to no avail

    • Oh, it’s a twice-daily tragedy for him! When I pick him up, he lets out a sad little protest meow, one that tells me: I know what’s happening and that I can”t avoid. Let”s get it done!

      So sad!

    • Every day there’s a little ritual, but after I pick him up, he puts out a protest meow, he takes his medicine like a big kitty boy! He actually is pretty good about it most days, though he clearly dislikes the taste of it. It supposedly is chicken flavored, but that isn’t a “Yay! It IS chicken flavored!” face he makes!

  1. oooh that is as scary as the shower scene of mr. hitchcock… run andy run! … and the music would fit pawfectly too ;O)))

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