Post 1826: were it so simple…

It takes a bit of effort to get sufficient usable photos for this blog. Today, it was three shots to get one where Dougy just posed nicely! (Lower right hand photo…)

The large photo on the left is Dougy being curious and looking up at the last moment when the shutter went off.

The top right hand photo is Dougy being a good boy but me tripping the shutter before I was positioned to get a decent photo.

The last photo still has its problems. A backlit black kitty always presents problems that require post shot editing, but it’s a “good enough” shot with a little work.

Whew! And you think I am a master photographer who only takes perfect kitty boy photos each and every time! Well, you do. Admit it! Nope.

25 thoughts on “Post 1826: were it so simple…

  1. Mom agrees with you that it is a challenge to photograph us black kitties. She has difficulty getting the lighting right and for every 10 photos she takes of me, she may only keep 1. Tee hee hee.

    • …a familiar ratio! It’s not any easier photographing two. (Have you submitted your photos for the blogging calendar? It was fun seeing yours in last year’s…and mistaking them for my kitty boys. LOL!)

  2. LOL, I think your photos are excellent! And I know the challenges of working with an ever-moving kitty who is also black. I take about 10 blurred pics for every one I can use!

    • Ha! Ha! On a typical day, that’s right around the ratio of bad to good ones I get, too! There are times I end up using substandard photos because they are necessary to complete a story, but I do try to avoid that when possible. I also have been known to draw on older photos to fill in where needed, but that isn’t a practice I like to take.

  3. LOL, Purrseidon is easy to photograph, for one thing, she isn’t black and for another she loves posing for the camera. Katsu is getting better, too. HOWEVER, Mr. M detested getting his photo taken for his entire life. M was also a very dark tuxie, so many photos were tossed because they simply looked like a black blob… others were tossed because I only captured the tip of a fleeing tail. Since you seem to manage at least one poster-boy photo every day, you are a much better and/or patient photographer than I will ever be. Hats off!

    • I’m retired, Jean, and that helps! LOL! If I had your busy life – blogs, books, and all else – it would make a difference, I know. I think your photos are delightful, though, and I look forward to seeing what you have to post. I confess to being partial to Purrseidon, but all your cats are a delight to see!

      • Purrseidon is not shy about what she wants and who she is. Busy-busy as she is, she also likes to settle down and be read to. Katsu loves that too. I’ve never heard of the pets in other families loving ‘story time’, but it’s quite popular here. This is why we have the munchkins do it at our local shelter – btw, those pets seem to love story time, too.
        To be totally honest, I get a lot of help with photos and think the kids are getting rather good at this.

        • Interesting. I’d never tried that with Andy and Dougy, though Andy really, really, really likes cat videos, with a string game being his all time favorite.

          • I don’t know if your boys would like you to read to them or not, but if you’re reading something, you could try reading aloud to them. Purr and Katsu literally come running for story time.

          • I never thought to try it. Interesting! Just the attention probably would appeal to both of them, Dougy especially!

          • In truth, we began this because a certain young man was having trouble learning to read and was too embarrassed to read aloud to us. Purr and M both came running for story time, so we suggested that he practice by doing his own story time with them… First we had to convince him they couldn’t read…. He improved quickly and the furballs loved it, so once he got confident, he decided that he could read to the inmates at our shelter, while we helped out there… Long story short, that’s how he and Katsu became close.

          • I’m not sure it was totally my solution. In fact, I would never have thought of it if our cats weren’t so insistent on being included in story time.

    • It is the same for anyone doing anything, I think. We know what we hoped for and didn’t quite get (or failed miserably at…!) and those experiencing what we got don’t have those expectations to cloud their enjoyment of what we did. Whew! That was a contortionist’s sentence!

      Anyway, similarly, when I make my grandmother’s shortbread recipe, it never tastes as good, yet my late father, who always wanted her to make him a batch for his Christmas present he liked it so much, thought I got her recipe down exactly.

  4. it’s a challenge to take photos of black furfriends… I think the cam companies should find a gadget to solve that problem… that would be a better “buy me!” argument than all the useless stuff ;O)))

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