Post 1834: Hunh?! Am I surprised…or not?!

Oh oh! After suggesting recently that the kitty boys didn’t climb on the television stand, Dougy did it right in front of my eyes. Yes, I live in a world of delusion! And Dougy does what kitty boys do. Go figure.


24 thoughts on “Post 1834: Hunh?! Am I surprised…or not?!

  1. They understand every word we say and immediately set out to prove us wrong. I kept saying that little Pyshka was scared of the world outside and would not venture out if the door is left open by mistake. Lo and behold, my husband left the kitchen door a crack open, and she nosed it fully out and went for a walk on back stairs. Good thing I caught it in time!

    • Dougy will take a hike any time the door is open, so I have to watch him closely. Andy goes far enough to sniff the air outside, but never steps outside…yet!

      • “Yet” is the operative term here, I believe. Pyshka had such a traumatic experience before she was rescued that I had thought she would be scared for life. Barmalei, the Main Cheif Cat, majestic and distinguished, who used to yell at curious Beba when she squeezed through the door at the slightest chance, now does is himself. Go figure!

    • Hey! That’s brilliant! Unfortunately (for training purposes only) Dougy isn’t currently on any medications. Andy is pretty good about minding house rules, but he surely does something naughty…. (I can’t wait to try your training trick!)

  2. Doug, I think you gave them a challenge….. If a toddler is told s//he is not allowed to do something – even if previously there was no interest in doing it – suddenly whatever is forbidden becomes irresistible. ;-))) (IMHO his expression was rather defiant.)

  3. I got Washe Kat a 7 foot scratcher for $10 at an auction yrs ago, he lets my use as a sofa❗️ And cozy little nap beds on the book shelf & on the Magnavox stereo console (above the defunct record player lid) other wise with strategically placed nik-naks & model airplanes on shelving & Electronic equipment he tends to stay away from those areas🐱

    • Yes, the seven foot scratcher! Sounds like Washe Kat picked up immediately on what it was for. LOL! Part of the joy of cats!

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