Post 1862: Dougy, before and after…

IMG_20180818_005756 (1)

Before he’s brushed, Dougy has this look…


…but this is his look for next to no time after he’s brushed. His ruff is starting to mess up in the after photo, for that matter!

31 thoughts on “Post 1862: Dougy, before and after…

    • Me, too. I once had a long-haired cat approach me for “lovin'” that someone owned but neglected to the point it was a walking mat. It was a friendly kitty, but not because it was ever shown any attention.

    • He says to tell you “Meow!”, which I’m sure means “Thanks!” The kitty bohys actually look prettier the older they get because the smoke Persian qualities have begun to show more. (His ruff, for example, has more silver in it than when he was younger.)

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