Post 1871: Andy casts a critical glance…

Andy doesn’t think much of those people on the television. Yelling, saying naughty things about each other…! How’s a kitty boy to get his nap

Dougy gets it right! Though his ottoman is closer to the television and he dislikes the racket, too, he just closes his eyes and sleeps away. 

That’s right, Andrew – just close your eyes and snooze!

14 thoughts on “Post 1871: Andy casts a critical glance…

  1. I agree with Andy and Dougy. There is a lot of racket coming from the TV in my home, too. The humans usually have the volume up too loud. It makes it hard for a kitty to get good sound sleep.

    • I try to keep their sensibilities in mind. If I see them watching the television with their ears back, I usually can help by turning the voulme down. Of course, certain sounds (vacuums, explosions, sirens) on the television are bound to get reactions!

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