Post 1872: Spice of life!


Dougy’s in a bored funk….

Woo hoo! Doug – the human – found the tear strip off the kitty food bag. As anyone knows, the tear strip is a favorite “toy” of the kitty boys. Dougy is bored no more!

13 thoughts on “Post 1872: Spice of life!

    • I got a campaign mailing from my Congressman once that Andy turned into a chew toy and territory to stretch out on and defend against Dougy. I tossed it out several times, but he kept taking it out of the trash till it was little more than shreds.

  1. We have toys all over the house at least according to Tyebe. The toilet rolls are in tatters. The fall leaves stuck to the wall in the dining room have teeth marks on them and the stems have been unceremoniously ripped off. This tear strip I’ve not tried but will. I tried the milk ring on the big jugs of milk and that’s good but don’t last long. When she quits teething maybe we will have a pleasant looking home instead of a crime scene.


    • I believe it! I step on at least one a day, and then I find others under chairs, behind doors, and where they played the last time with them. Good luck on a better managed home once Tyebe is older! LOL! I guess it is ok to hope…!

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