Post 1877: Uh oh!

Dougy is fascinated by the image on the screen…

IMG_20181006_022305 (1)

…until the sci-fi monster computer comes on. It wants to have a baby with the woman scientist. Hunh?! 

So it is off to explore more interesting places. Yeah, and to have a little snack of dry kitty food, if you must know.


Besides, the screen images are getting too bizarre, even for an adventuresome kitty boy!

20 thoughts on “Post 1877: Uh oh!

    • I fdon’t often watch that sort of movie, but it popped up on TCM Channel, which usually has international films in that time period or quirky ones. I guess this rated as “quirky”!

  1. Tell Dougy, that I too find the screen is a bit strange myself. There are some moments when it fascinates me with its moving pictures and bold colors, but then at other times it is a bit loud and monotonous. Tee hee hee.

    • Exactly! I never know what will amuse them, though they both react to films in languages other than English. Makes no sense to me!

  2. Egads! They have no shape….not for me either Dougy. You must see Psycho, Dougy. This is my all time favourite since I was a kitten. It scared the cwap out of me when I was young and now I’m just fascinated.


    • Yeah, that was a good one! Hitchcock made several really intense films, but I think that was the best one for “cwap-making”!

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