Post 1878: floofy face…



Hee! Hee! Combing Dougy’s ruff outwards gives him an especially dramatic look. Of course, it confuses the heck out of my smart phone camera – it can’t figure out what to focus on, Dougy’s face is so…floofy!

34 thoughts on “Post 1878: floofy face…

    • You are terrible! LOL! Now I can’t see him in that pose without laughing for the first reason AND because he does a credible impersonation of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II! I’ve added a comparison of the two in the post, above. I don’t want to forget this delightful comment and wish others popping back here or stumbling on the blog getg a chance for a good laugh, too! Thanks!

      • Instead of a comparison in this post, I’ve created a separate post, Post 1885, set for October 16th, with their photos side by side. Thanks for the idea!

  1. Wowy, Dougy is super fluffy! He has a lion mane! R-a-rrr! Mom used to comb her white Persian before me like that to make him really fluffy. He didn’t really care for it. Dougy doesn’t seem to mind.

    • Dougy loves being brushed, and I enjoy “styling” his fur. LOL! I usually brush up on his ruff because he likes that, but I always brush it down after I’m through having fun with it.

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