Post 1887: “Not today…!”

I tried to get Dougy interested in play. I mean, when he gets onto the recliner, that’s usually his signal for playtime.

His response went from indifferent to very cold!

No means no!”

(Not to worry. A short time later he was very playful when I changed from tempting him on the recliner to dragging it under a pillow. He love, love, loves diving under things to get to his “prey”!)





23 thoughts on “Post 1887: “Not today…!”

    • A kitty dream situation! It could, afterall, be a live mouse one day and you need to have your kitty ready for that possibility!

    • Yes, carpets do suffer when toys or food presumed to be in hiding are involved! Ever wonder why they put carpets on cat trees? I always throught it was a great way to train cats to tackle all carpets everywhere in the home or to enlighten cats on huiman hypocrisy! LOL!

    • They can be! Dougy in particular love, love, loves to hide from his “prey”, then ambush them when they come by. The pillow works fine for wand toy lures! Dougy gets really wound up playing wand toy when I include the pillow or the comforter for him to hide behind!

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