Post 1897: “make do” Sunday…kitty boys on strike


The kitty boys protested. “You make us pose for photos seven days a week! You must have enough photos to plaster Nebraska!” (Well, I do….) 

“Use something you have on hand, buster. We’re on strike!” (So I have. I found this collage featuring Dougy being a poop and cheating at “wand toy”. So typical! Best of all, I don’t remember using it before!)

19 thoughts on “Post 1897: “make do” Sunday…kitty boys on strike

  1. Budd is trying the same ole trick as Andy. He really needs exercise so I switched to the laser pointer….SPOT. He runs to catch Spot and watching going up and down the basement stairs makes me feel goo. He tires quickly. He’s got lots od him to carry about.


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