Post 1898: Dougy’s inscrutable…

I try to figure out what Dougy wants, but nothing stops the whining. Then it strikes me. He saw me eating crackers. He wants to smell my fingers! LOL! 

21 thoughts on “Post 1898: Dougy’s inscrutable…

  1. My lily does the same thing and not only my fingers but the rest of me also especially if she hasn’t seen me all day…she will go off the charts when I go into the hospital coming this Thursday

    • The kitty boys have interest in what I eat, but never take a sample ifg I let them take a sniff. I’m pleasefd they are specific about what they regrd as kitty food, though many cats eat many foods you don’t expect them to like. ‘nip is the closest they get to greens, though they will nibble cat grass if i have any around. Personally, cat grass doesn’t last long enough to be woth the effort, whereas ‘nip is pretty reliable and long lasting.

  2. He’s a polite kitty! My cat Sally can smell a carbohydrate a mile away and you have to hide to eat a cracker. : ) Funny how some cats crave carbs and some could care less.

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