Post 1941: a discerning kitty…

What Andy likes about National Geographic magazine is…

it elevates him!


17 thoughts on “Post 1941: a discerning kitty…

    • Thank you! Andy is loooking especially “floofy” these days. Best of all, he’s been a good kitty when I brush him, something he didn’t used to like me to do. Asd long as the kitty boys let me brush them regularly, mats are less likely to form or grow to large size, so letting them wear their hair Persian kitty style becomes practical! I think they sre looking especially pretty these days!

  1. Andy looks quite happy with his reading material. 🙂 The Three Sisters cats keep “checking” books out of the bookcase. We hear a clunk and find a book or two on the floor with one of them running away at high speed.

    • Yes, I brushed the little rascal while I had him in arms to give him his medicine. It’s the most convenient time to do it, and he tends to be easier to brush then.

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