Post 1956: Dougy’s healing!

Dougy’s eye is healing nicely. Dougy is more active and he even came to me to let me know he wanted something – turned out to be wet kitty food! – in the kitchen. I was especially pleased he wanted that food because I hadn’t seen him eat any wet food in days.

He’s more playful, too, having initiated a game the kitty boys invented where one kitty stands by the multi-colored string off a wand toy, meows a challenge to the other kitty. If the other kitty hears the challenge, the chase is on, Yes, Dougy is feeling better!

24 thoughts on “Post 1956: Dougy’s healing!

    • The fact he was barely touching the wet kitty food was my first clue he wasn’t feeling well. His eyes were goopy, but that’s kind of a Persian thing anyway. (The bad eye was really goopy, though, worse than usual.) He lost weight – a full pound! – and was listless. I finally figured out he was sick! (It is hard to figure out when cats are sick sometimes.)

    • I could barely see the small unhealed spot when Dr. Ylander, the kitty boys’ veterinarian, pointed it out to me. It was mostly healed, just a little pinkish instead of red. Compared with how it looked just a week earlier when he pointed it out to me, it looked healed at first. The extra week of eye drops is worth it to give Dougy’s eye a chance to be completely healed again!

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