25Jul20: vicissitudes of being a kitty…

Andy just wants some private time to clean his “precious”.

Maybe a change of venue will work. Not if a fly stops by!

Is Doug (the human) crazy?! No kitty can catch that fly!

22 thoughts on “25Jul20: vicissitudes of being a kitty…

  1. Andy is good at tracking the fly, though! 🙂 I don’t know how Abby catches flies at 18 years old and one bad eye, exception that she has determination. She was always good at finding mice, too. In the old house she had one cornered in my slipper, unknown to me, and was driving the slipper around the floor with her face in it. How cute, I thought! I wonder what is so fun about the slipper? I looked in just as a surprised mouse jumped out!

    • Too soon after kitty food and a snooze, maybe. He is a pretty good hunter otherwise. KILLKILLKILL, as he would say.

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