Post 1981: …a good report!

“Stop wiggling! Stop wiggling! Dang it! Look at me!”

“Yeah, now you close your eyes most of the way…!”

“Not the best, but I’ll take it!”

Today, Dougy and I went to the veterinarian’s. He got a “all healed” report on the one eye and a “there’s no evidence of an infection in this one either” report on the other. He was a good boy, of course, and showed he was back to normal in that his weight’s back up where it should be and he hopped off the examination table to explore the room, his normal response to a new place.

The main thing, though I don’t have a brilliant shot of it, is both eyes are healthy and my concerns have been addressed!

25 thoughts on “Post 1981: …a good report!

    • I’m happy for it, too. Poor kitty! He lost over a pound while sick and wasn’t at all playful the whole time. He’s back to normal now, though!

    • I was more than pleased! I thought Dougy might have a scratched cornea or something in the other eye, the reason I made the appointment, but it turned out to be nothing.

    • You know how it goes with those eye and ear infections more than I do… I’d feel terrible (very guilty!) were I not take care of these things in a timely manner and the result was blindness in the eye.

    • It was a a much easier time than the first one. I think, in the six or so years separating the two episodes, the treatment’s improved.

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