Post 1791: morning excitement…


Andy is busy with his morning bath. Wow! It’s like an earthquake in here! But a kitty’s gotta do what a kitty’s gotta do! There may be casualties.


“What!? What!? What!?” Andy hears his brother Dougy mewing in short, quiet,  little mews! Something’s up!


“What’s up, Dougy?!” Dougy’s focused on the ceiling. 


“It better not be that beetle we’ve had our paws ready for the past few days,” Andy says.

Andy is incredulous as only a kitty brother can be! No honor among some kitties, you know. Dougy’s hiding something. Maybe…. Anyway, he’s awfully quiet. Awfully. Yeppers! Quiet. And suspicious looking!

21 thoughts on “Post 1791: morning excitement…

  1. Gets it, Dougy! Gets that buggy! I don’t think Mom will let me at em’ anymore, ’cause she thinks it was a miller or a bug I ate in the house that gave me wormies.

    • That happened when Andy and Dougy were wee kittens (before I got them), only it was a grasshopper. Fourteen hundred dollars worth of veterinarian bills, lots of diarrhea, and lots of kitty baths later, they were OK again. That’s how my time with Andy and Dougy began. I hadn’t thought about them getting parasites from other critters. I’ll have to revise my plan to let them hunt critters that make it into the house!

    • I suspect it did. I haven’t seen it since yesterday morning. did cats do it in, or did it die of old age? We’ll never know!

  2. I find a lot of cricket legs, wings & antennas in the back room but never hear any chirping❗️ I think someone is eating them 🐱
    Nice roll-top desk, if not for the papers in there I bet it would be a good ‘lair’ for the boys 😉

    • Thanks! It was made by my mother’s great uncle, a Scottish cabinet maker. I bet someone is eating those crickets for you…!

      My kitty boys love to hunt crickets. They are big enough to be worth eating, and they are active in ways that excite and interest them!

        • Ha! Ha! That they are! Plus, their crickets are hoity toity pedigree crickets, not the mongrel field crickets that occasionally get inside then dispatched in this home. Free range crickets taste better, Andy and Dougy tell me
          – (“Meow!”) – than those fancy chirpers anyway.

    • You know it! They are ruthless hunters, a state that sometimes is shocking to me since I think of them as harmless, mild-mannered cuties. Ha!

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