Post 2078: not a cucumber, part 1…

Hey, Dougy! There’s something you find scary next to your ottoman!

Now that I have your attention, that’s not a cucumber.

Of course, you react to empty paper towel tubes pretty much the same as other cats react to cucumbers. (Dougy watched the empty tube for several minutes, not knowing whether to run away or hold his own on top of the ottoman!)

9 thoughts on “Post 2078: not a cucumber, part 1…

  1. Oh! Sunny reacts the same way to this canister vacuum cleaner I use for cleaning the car. It has a short accordion tube which makes her stare warily from a distance. If it moves unexpectedly, she runs for her safe place under the bed. But she completely ignores cardboard tubes. Someone told me cats like playing with them, but when I rolled one at her, she gave me this “Mom, please!” look. I suspect we look ridiculous to our kitty children.

    • I wonder if momma cats tell their kittens about how the terrible paper towel tube eat great-great-great-great-great gandmps or some other family legend… It amazes me the things that the are fearful of! (Elsewhere, note the comment about the cat, Monkey, who is frightened by flip-flops!

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