Post 2154: Andy’s being extra social today…


Andy stopped by for a social call today…


…so I extended my “paw”.


We had a pleasant time!

19 thoughts on “Post 2154: Andy’s being extra social today…

  1. I wish Andy could come a callin’ over to my house in ORE Gon. We could take a selfie together, play on my carpet tree, run across scrunchy papers, and play hide-n-seek with my Tangy piggy. We’d have so-o much fun!

    • We’d have an interesting time sorting tyou out when it was time to leave! I personally cfan’t see much difference between a kitty boy or a Valentine! Your could even be littermates, you looks so similar!

    • No kidding! I always felt Andy had a kittenish face that made him the prettier of the two brothers. Dougy’s mug is cute and more classically Persian.

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