Post 2167: must be the heat…

How do you say “meh!” in Catinese? That’s what Dougy says about “killing” the mockingbird today.


Andy has a better plan ~ get as close to the water fountain and food as possible, then set up headquarters on the blue carrier. 

13 thoughts on “Post 2167: must be the heat…

      • That I asm! The worst time was the first morning when this happened., After that, they gave me temporary catheters so I could get a short dialysis treatment. A permanent replacement (more catheters) was put in the next day so I could get a longer tgreate=-ment and be almost caught up to my regular schedule. I will be evaluated for a new fistula in September.

      • I am so glad you are are home, safe , Doug.
        I confess I was a bit frightened when I learnt you lost a lot of blood in your home . I feared a possible infection!!
        Besides I tend to loose blood after the dialysis when I have to press the dressing when the needles are out.I become with weak legs!
        Take care of you, my friend

        • I typically don’t find the sight of blood alarming, though this was so much blood that it was hard to believe I was still functioning by the time I put enough pressure on it! Ironically, the week before, I was hospitalized for an infection in my blood. It was taken care of by a =n antibioticv infusion. I had enough bleed oiuyt =s early on that I used to hold pressure on the needle sites for 20 minuytes inbstead of the usual 10. Gradually, I dropped it from 20 minutes toi 15, then 10 again. One advantage of the cather=ters is h=they niurse caps the catheters off after dialysis and you don’t have to hold them to allow coagulation. That’s about the only advantage I can think of!

    • We have a combination of hot days and rain at night here this month. That;s one nice thing about the high altitude (3990 ft. where I live) – it generally gets cool at night!

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