Post 1479: glamour with a “u”…

I took several shots of a backlit Dougy. One never knows what one will get. Usually, it’s nothing.


Sometimes it’s a “glamour puss” shot. Woo hoo!


Andy has a different take on it: “He sniffs my butt!” Hee! Hee! Brotherly love.


27 thoughts on “Post 1479: glamour with a “u”…

    • Apparently I missed your blog. Horrors! I’m not following every kitty blog??? Well, I quickly corrected that error, and now I see why it would be nice to get all three of you together in a lovely photo!

      Here’s a link to your blog for those who want to see what we mean:

    • Thanks! Dougy is getting older, so soft focus and other tricks are necessary to hide the fact that his horns are up in the larger photo. (Mind Andy’s remark about his brother!)

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