Post 2171: What’s Andy up to?

Dougy’s alert (kind of…) to what Andy’s up to. Speaking of which, what is Andy up to?


Come on! What else! Kitty stuff!

16 thoughts on “Post 2171: What’s Andy up to?

        • Wow! They are very common here. I suppose this being an agricultural area makes a difference. You, of course, live in the city. It’s all about habitat, though you have a big enough garden, I’m surprised you don’t see them regularly.

    • I missed this year’s celebration. An old friend died in Paris, which occupied my thoughts for the day. REegardless, it goes without saying, had I e-been tuned into Black Cat Day, like other yearts, I would have thought of you, dear Valentine, Andy and Dougy’s sibling from another mother and father! Hoep you goit some special treats. I accidentally gave Andy and Dougy a treat of tuna water off the can of Albacoire I added to a pasta dish I made for supper on Black Cat Day. I usually give that to them on their July 1st birthday, too, thoiugh they won’t eat the meat. I find that odd. Do you eat tuna if offered to you, Valentine? Or are you a tuna water consumer, too!

      • Why yes, Mr. Doug, I luv luv luv tuna – by itself or in water or both! I luvs it on my table, on the floor, in the air, up high, down low, in my bowl or on a plate… I could eat it everyday. Tee hee hee. Mom says, “I’ve been feeding Valentine the Fussie Cat brand of moist food in the Tuna and Aspic variety off and on for several months and he hasn’t tired of it.”

        • I wish the kitty boys liked the meat as much as they dfo the water off the can. The do like the pate form of it that I get in cat food assortments, biut are really more into chicken.

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