Post 2175: Dougy remembers he has important kitty business…


Dougy stops by the end table for a bit of spit and polish time.

Seriously, looking good takes lots of kitty time…

…but Dougy remembers something more important to his beauty routine….



12 thoughts on “Post 2175: Dougy remembers he has important kitty business…

    • They know cool places to go – the floors in the bathrooms are cool, for example. Plus I put ice water out for them. Air conditioning is used sparingly. They even feel cool to the touch..

  1. Mom says, “I want to run my fingers through Dougy’s thick, billowy coat and give him lots of pets.” She wishes me, Dougy and Andy could all be in a photo together. Winks.

  2. Sounds a lot like my Mo’s routine, except that his spot of choice is on the chest freezer in front of the window. There was some exciting bird action there this morning. I guess it wore him out, he’s napping now.

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