Post 2253: groomer day for the kitty boys…


“Yes, you have to go, Andrew!”


After a short drive, we arrive at the groomer’s. Dougy, as usual, whines from the carrier. Andy and I ignore him!

Brilliant! They look neater, but Athena cut their hair long. I think the kitty boys like the new look, too.





24 thoughts on “Post 2253: groomer day for the kitty boys…

    • The kitty boys seem to enjoy their day at the spa, though the trip to and from the groomer’s (a few short blocks…) is not a favorite. Their veterinarian is just a couple blocks past the groomer’s shop, so they are lucky in that their transportation to appointments takes a short time.

    • Thanks! I am pleased with their longer haircuts. Athena and I think that’s the way to go with them in future. My main concern always has been how long the “hygienic trim” on their little butts helps prevent poop droppings on the floor or poop getting caught in their butt floof….!

    • Exactly! And the day I took them in was a blustery, cold day. I do have a fluffy towel in the carrier to help them keep warm. For that matter, they aren’t in the cold very long since I get as close to the shop door and my front door as possible to limit their exposure. My car has a blast furnace heater as well, and I make sure the car is heated up before I transport them in winter.

    • Yes, I don’;t take Athena for granted! She is very good with the kitty boys, very patient, and she does excellent work on two wiggly clients.

    • LOL! He’s usually the good kitty, though, once he gets places. I think the recent post of him at his veterinarian appointment shows how he is: explore for ways out, then settle down for whatever comes. I was surprised he was quiet for over 12 minutes once he thoroughly cased the joint! Andy is the one that usually gets impatient and growly, though he is docile up till that point.

    • They thank you! One is blessed to have a groomer who works well with cats and is very used to Andy and Dougy’s moods. Dougy, for example, was all washed and fluffed out this time when he decided the job was done! Usually it’s Andy who gets bored and Athena the groomer has to quickly finish up as best she can. I don’t know how she does it, but no matter how much or little she is able to get done on them, they look great!

    • Yes, you can see the cattitude of a Godcat in that Dougy photo in particular! One of the groomers had her chihuahua rescue pooch there (really little and cute dog!), and the kitty boys seemed less arrogant if not intimidated for the moment. The pooch sniffed around the carrier, but wasn’t barky.

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