Post 2307: caught us asleep…

Oops! I thought I had a post ready for today, but got a little surprise: Nope! Sooo, here’s the kitty boys doing pretty much nothing but what they do for, seemingly, 23 hours a day. It isn’t just the kitty boys you caught asleep!

Post 2306: it’s the cat’s choice…

Dougy, Dougy, Dougy! Sleeping on these papers when there’s that expensive cat bed I bought you three years back! (Andy won’t sleep in his either.) I give up. It’s the cat’s choice.


Yes, I’m talking about you, kitty!

Post 2305: Dougy’s concerned…

When Dougy hopped onto the end table, he quickly noticed something that alarmed him and prompted him to hop back onto his ottoman.

Yes, these grooming torture tools! The seam ripper actually is a sewing tool, but it is handy for cutting through really bad mats. One has to be very careful with it and cut away from the kitty. The dematting comb is Dougy’s least favorite grooming tool because it sometimes pulls too much hair out at a time.

You’ll notice his “horns” are up in the bottom photos because he is alarmed by the grooming tools. Yes, he has some mats on his butt and legs that I’ve tried working away a little at a time, poor kitty! As long as the grooming tools are in sight, Dougy is watching me closely. Very closely! 

Post 2304: Andy puzzles it out…


Andy’s an intellectual kitty…

…so it is no surprise he puzzles it out.

If he can’t catch the string on the front of the screen…


…perhaps he can catch it on the back!

Post 2303: Andy’s a particular cat…

It surprised me when Andy barely watched the kitty video I sent to my smart television.

After watching a few seconds, he ran over to his favorite perch, where his tail twitched in a manner that suggested he needed more than the video gave him. Lots of pent up energy there! I guess I should have opened the kitty string game video he likes so much.

Post 2302: pouting…


Dougy’s upset with me because I don’t get off the computer when he wants my attention.


He’s pouting now. He doesn’t care if I’m working on my blog posts. He wants to hop on my lap and knead my stomach! (Not to worry. I’ll let him have his kitty love time a bit later.)

Post 2301: Christmas…

andy christmas

The kitty boys and I are taking a day off. I bet we take a nap, then eat something good to eat! Merry Christmas!

Post 2300: Andy’s favorite toy ever…


It takes a lot to get Andy’s attention when he’s not in the mood. “Not in the mood”: Andy is a moody kitty and sets the agenda for what and when he wants to do things like be a playful kitty! So what got his attention this time?

His favorite toy ever!

Post 2299: not in the mood…

It was a quiet moment. Andy was on the recliner arm, and Dougy’d settled in on the floor.


Then I made the mistake of trying to pet Andy when he wasn’t in the mood! LOL! “I don’t want loving!” Andy told me in his own way.

Post 2298: a good time with friends…


Why were Andy and Dougy at the front door? I’d just come home from a luncheon a small group of my high school classmates have once a month. 

Lots of yummy food, great conversation, and, since this was Donna’s home, Tootsie (lower left) and Marco (middle left), her very sweet doggies, made for a pleasant Friday mid-day get together. 

Andy and Dougy gave me the silent treatment for leaving them home alone, and were especially upset with me when they smelled Tootsie and Marco on my clothes and hands. (Yes, I pet them, kitties. They love, love, loved it, and so did I!) Whew! Boy, did I get the stink eye!