Post 2252: The photos were in a queue…what?!


These are the eyes of a disgusted, world-weary blogger. The photos didn’t post to my laptop because they backed up in a queue, a new smart phone problem for me! (See the earlier Post 2251.)

Once I resent the top message in the queue, the logjam broke loose, giving me 34 mostly duplicated photos to sort through on the laptop. I hate technology some days. Now, back to kitty pictures!

From their sleeping places, Dougy (left) and Andy slowly move in closer, reminding me it surely is “Feed The Kitties Time”! And it is! Andy, as usual, is the most adamant, closer and closer, giving me the “I Am Not Going To Tell You Again Dark Stare Of Pending Doom” look that tells me I best better scurry to the kitchen to prepare a plate of kitty food. Andy follows me into the kitchen to assure the task is done, tout suite!


Breakfast over, the kitty boys clean up and take a nap.

14 thoughts on “Post 2252: The photos were in a queue…what?!

    • Yes, and dogs have the added bonus of being able to use their “Sad Doggy Face Eyes” to really lay the guilt trip on you for being so slow in feeding them. I remember my childhood dog managed to suck his tummy in to augment the performance. It was an Academy Award level performance! LOL!

  1. It sounds like there was a logjam due to your broadband or cellular signal being too weak to send the emails, Doug. I live in a dead zone for mobile service, so I depend on my iPhone’s ability to use WiFi to makes calls and use the internet. Unfortunately, sometimes my internet service simply disappears, leaving me with no way to send emails from either my phone or computer, or more scarily, no way to use my phone to call for help. (Looking at you, AT&T.) Also, I’ve seen my own emailed photos go into a logjam when I try to email them to my laptop, usually when I’m traveling and there’s no reliable mobile signal or WiFi. I wish I could just upload everything from my phone to my laptop via USB cable, but apparently, Apple and Microsoft aren’t talking to each other!

    • There are busy times of day where lots of people are on the service, so that explanation makes sense to me. I usually use it around midnight or so or when most people probably are at work. There’s been service interruptions lately. (Cables cut through by construction people.) Also, periodic weak signals.

    • Ha! Ha! Each cat has his or her priorities! Dougy doesn’t ask for the door to be opened, but will sneak out if I’m not watching.

    • It turned out to be something really simple and stupid, just like I predicted, Michel, and it took me surprisingly little time to locate the problem and correct it. These little surprises wear me out, though, and there have been several interruptions in my service lately for various reasons outside my control.

  2. I was awakened by a “feed the kitties time” alarm i the form of Mr. Marcus cat stomping on me. They all have their own unique ways. Abby the Ancient One, who has only two fangs left, the upper ones, fangs me in the skull like a vampire. It is quite effective.

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