Post 2264: woes of having a floofy tail…

Look at that sweet kitty mug! Lately, Andy’s suffered poop in his floofy tail. I am in the habit of running kitty tails through my hands when the kitty boys walk by. That’s how I found “it” today. Ugh!

Andy doesn’t like brushing, so I had to be stealthy. When he was on the light stand, I slipped the comb onto his tail feathers. Alarmed, he hopped off the light stand. The poop came off with a few tail feathers, and Andy  risked upsetting Dougy by stretching out on another ripped up magazine Dougy claims. He reckoned that was far enough from me I’d not comb him anymore!

You can see the indignity in his eyes. It’s worth upsetting the cat, though, to take care of the tail floof problem.