Post 2260: Dougy is upset with Andy today…

Dougy’s really, really, really enjoying his ottoman today!

Of course, Andy stopped by for a little loving from Doug, and that caught Dougy’s attention, quite the thing considering Dougy is luxuriating cleaning his “precious”!

“Hey! How dare you!” Dougy can’t believe Andy actually thinks it’s ok to come this close to the ottoman when he is having such a happy time on it. The chase is on! After the chase, Dougy heads for the guest bedroom. Andy slowly returns to the front room, anxious not to meet Dougy when Dougy’s in a mood!  Then…


… the wee rascal stops by the ripped up magazine Dougy likes to claim for as a part of his personal territory and stretches out on it long enough to leave a bit of “Andy Stink To Let My Brother Know He Can’t Be Everywhere At Once”.


Well played, Andy boy! Well played! Now he can enjoy some quiet time on his personally claimed stacked carriers! Can’t wait for Dougy to realize Andy stopped by the magazine.