08Apr2020: voting early by mail…

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I recently got this application to vote early by mail. I’ve voted by mail for years, but this is the first time the county clerk’s mailed out an application. Before, I printed out the Nebraska Secretary of State’s form, which required more information and had to be hand carried or mailed to the county clerk’s office.


This new version can be emailed, which I did the day this arrived in the mail. I’ve voted in every election I’ve been eligible to vote in since I turned 21. Dougy couldn’t care less, but I regard this process to be an important part of citizenship.

21 thoughts on “08Apr2020: voting early by mail…

  1. I supervise Mom when she votes. I find sitting on the form is most effective. Tee hee hee. Mom says, “I’m so glad that states like Oregon and Washington do mail in ballots for everybody. I wish more states would adopt that practice. In Oregon it’s been going on since 1998.”

    • It makes sense to me. For one thing, it spreads out the process of counting the ballots over several days and allows jurisdictions to have fewer polling places to find people to man.

  2. I unregistered 5+ yrs ago whilst senior disabled vets are not allowed to vote Tennessee absentee unless they are out of state ❗️ I am not bitching cuz I don’t vote. However 🖕 the USA 🇺🇸 and it’s ‘rigged’ elections. 40 yrs ago we would blow countries out of the water for that crap :'(

    • There are some repugnant and politically motivated voting laws in this screwed up country. The one you mention is one such law, I think. Nebraska hardly counts as a progressive state, but absentee voting is easy for anyone once they are registered. This year, with the absentee application sent out to all registered voters, virtually no one has an excuse not to vote. Before, one had to send in the application, which could be procured from the Secretary of State’s website or the local newspaper, where it was published. It used to be there several restrictions on who could ask for an absentee ballot. Amazingly enough. in a state that solidly voted for Trump, voting isn’t a joke or hassle meant to eliminate political opponent’s votes, but one that favors a democratic response for the citizens. I suspect that is because the political powers that be realize most voters in this state vote a certain way…

      • Bless 🇺🇸 with all that is going on Keep our kitties safe ❤️️ 🐱 the ‘Dems & Reps’ {ways & means} have been going on 67yrs that I know of. I apologize for ragging in a comment on your website: Sincerely Wm.
        {I changed My VA primary care appt. to a ‘Telehealth’ phone call and labs & liver ultra sound put off till a later date.) You take care Doug & cats

        • The televisit is a new one I’ve done twice so far. It does have it’s limitations, as you note, but for those follow up visits, it’s nice not to have to get out to do.

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