12Apr20: fights…

You may not know I oftentimes am several days ahead on my posts if the kitty boys “give” me adequate activities to photograph. Such is the case today. This is from several days ago when the kitty boys were acting up and fighting. First clue: How do I know? The loose fur on Andy’s side. Dougy really nailed him, but there was no wound, just pulled out hair.

 Second clue: Andy getting as high and far  from Dougy as possible and Dougy getting ready to pounce Andy if comes by! They are behaving now, but I had to wear them down with Birbug wand toy play and physically stopping them from a fight. 




17 thoughts on “12Apr20: fights…

  1. It’s a good thing they both come with lots of padding in the form of floof to lessen the chance of them getting scratches when confurrontations happen. Tee hee hee. Tummy tickles.

    • That’s a fact. I recall it was a pricey visit to the veterinarian to get Louie the ginger cat fixed after he got a bite on his butt. The floof helps prevent that to some degree.

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