13Apr20: giving thanks…

There are things I am grateful for. Being able to vote from home, sparing me exposure to infection and the medical caregivers I owe my life to. Two biggies, I’ll say!


Pickles and Hillary, Chris and Pam’s kitties. Chris and Pam are stand up people who’ve been helpful to me when I was hospitalized and when I am not. They are friends I am blessed to have. Everyone needs a Chris and a Pam!

My kitty boys – this is Andy – help keep me centered as well. They aren’t worried about much. Be like the cat: find little things you can control to worry about, and forget the rest.


20 thoughts on “13Apr20: giving thanks…

    • I love voting by mail, too. Aside from the convenience, it’s good to be able to think about one’s choices as much as needed

  1. I totally agree about mail-in voting and have avoided the lines using that for years. It is very convenient, plus the way our county in Florida has the system set up, it also seems to assure that there aren’t duplicate votes, as there have been in some counties, where markedly more than 100% of voters have participated. In other words, I think all legal voters should be allowed to express their opinion, but to know what the actual majority wants, no one should be allowed to stuff ballot boxes.

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