20Jul20: …toys or sleep?


Andy knows some of his favorite wand toys are on the floor next to his end table. He has a big kitty decision to make.

Dig out a toy or…


…sleep. It’s a “no brainer” it seems. 



This is my Seattle sister’s kitty girl, Saki, enjoying bunnies outside from her window perch. My sister adopted Saki after the death of her kitty boy, Sox. Andy can watch cottontails from his window perch. too. Dougy used to enjoy bunnies from that same window when Andy wasn’t using it. 

Some of you have wondered if I will adopt another cat so Andy has a companion. In ways, I would like to adopt a senior kitty, but my health issues complicate that decision. I know I don’t want to adopt a kitten again, as irresistible as they can be. Regardless, it is too soon to think about this. My sister’s example – she’s adopted two senior cats in the past – is an example to consider, too.



30 thoughts on “20Jul20: …toys or sleep?

    • More and more he is. I initially thought I might look of a shelter kitty companion for him, but he has adjusted well to being a solo act. At my age and with my health issues, I’m hesitant to get another kitty, but I would if Andy looked like he needed another kitty to be his companion.

  1. My Puma is 16 and I adopted her at age 11. Being already litter box trained and having been raised with other cats was a big plus. It’s great to know you can help them finish their last years in happiness.

  2. Awww, Andy looks sweet! So cute with his legs extending off the table! I agree with taking time before adopting another after a loss. And they do always choose us. I adore those sweet older kitties and still cry when viewing pictures of our Ultraviolet. But we were chosen by younger kitties after she left us.

    • As much as I’d enjoy another kitty, my physical limitations these days make me think I need to settle for the one kitty I have.

  3. It is a terrible loss, unexpected- but you have dear Andy.
    When I lost my darling white tiny persian princess, at a beginning of september, I simply coud not bear see her toys, her toilet things, etc. She died at 14 , a cancer began at 9 – a very good vet. She died during the night…
    Three weeks after, I bought a beige persian kitty… 4 years after, I had the great pleasure to save a tricolore from … forest… how is life…

    You can give happiness to another kittty – older – and save him.
    Toutes mes bonnes pensées et amitiés, chers Doug and Andy – affectionate thoughts for dear Dougy, in Kitten “Paradise –

  4. I lost my beloved Mollie in early May. I have three other cats but Mollie left a big hole that can’t be filled. I have the room and the love capacity to accept another and I started to look at pictures. Any addition will be in Mollie’s memory. Only you know when it’s right. It can be a few months or a few years. Have you found out what caused his death? It had to be something congenital. Too young!

  5. It’s early days and you do need to take the time to grieve…but glad to hear that people are open to adopting a senior cat. I’m actually looking to find homes for our two older cats here in France. They were originally our daughter’s cats and we’re downsizing to an apartment while our kitties are used to having free access to the outdoors. I’ve actually considered approaching people near us who’ve recently lost their cats but it feels a bit cheeky. Still, I’ll probably take my chances as I think it would be best for the cats to stay in an area they know well.

  6. A good nap is always a good option!

    Saki is a beautiful kitty, and it looks like she very much enjoys the Bunny Channel on Window TV. We strangely enough see very few rabbits here, but that may be due to the coyotes, foxes, mountain lions and hawks. We have no shortage of gophers, moles and voles, though! 🙂

    Take your time contemplating a second kitty. You’ll know if and when is right.

    • I accepted Andy when I picked up Louie’s ashes. I was vulnerable and he was darn cute. Of course, that lead to nine happy years, so far, but I was totally unprepared for one, then two kittens.

  7. Aww Andy is so cute with his lion cut contemplating. 😹 And like a true cat, he chooses sleep. Saki is a lovely ladycat. 💜
    I understand how you feel Doug, you will know in time if getting another cat is for you and Andy. While I understand your concerns, I wouldn’t rule out getting a senior cat as many need homes and make excellent companions. Don’t let worry about lifespan keep you from happiness as if you had a guardian for the boys if anything happened to you, I’m sure they would take Andy and a new fur sib.
    You’ll know when you know. I always have relied on my instincts after losing a fur baby. Purrs from Pearl & Mom

    • Every cat I’ve had chose me one way or other. I don’t think the local shelter is open to the public because of the pandemic, though it may be now. I have to check.

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