29Aug20: Andy’s multi-purpose spot…

The stacked carriers are a longtime favorite spot as far as Andy’s concerned.


I see your “jellybeans”, Andy! Hee! Hee!


As usual, Andy’s not amused. “Jellybeans! Psst!”




12 thoughts on “29Aug20: Andy’s multi-purpose spot…

    • Same here! I’ve left them open, though, and Andy and Dougy would go inside to snooze or check for leftover kitty treats. I’ve closed them, though, for concern Andy might injure himself on the door when he jumps onto the top carrier.

  1. We love your toe beans Andy! Mom looked all through your blog and cried about your brother. She thinks you are a pretty kitty and mom loves looking at photos of Persian kitties

    • Yes, Dougy will live with Andy and me forever. We still miss him because he was a little comedian cat. He was a furniture destroyer, too, but he is forgiven. Andy and Dougy played well together. I hesitate to get another cat for Andy to play with because of my age and health, but it is something I think about a lot these days.

  2. Hi! Good to see Andy and Dougy are well and you’re still posting them. I haven’t been on WordPress in a very long time and have moved onto Instagram. Do you have an IG account? I’d love to follow you there. 🙂

    • No, Facebook is the only one I’m on. I screwed up on Twitter somehow and am banned forever and till Hell Freezes Over. My error there: I apparently tried to sign up to follow too many accounts at once. I’ve no idea what5 Instagram is like or what traps they have for innocent people. Frankly, I’m pretty much sick of social media.

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