02Aug20: calmness descends upon the land…

In the chaos of the burn in phase of setting up the new laptop, I exhausted myself and Andy as well. We survived as of last Thursday, when I made this post. There are some minor details to work through, yet all the features I need immediate access to work.

20200727_214516 (1)

Yes, things are pretty much back to normal!

11 thoughts on “02Aug20: calmness descends upon the land…

      • Over the yrs my old man ‘Tom’ Washe cat lets me groom him and doing ‘Star Trek’ {circling Uranus & cutting off Klingon’s} is easy, don’t need snake gloves or goalies face mask any more. Short haired Emmy Lou (11mo old now) is a completely different story 😸 😽

        • Andy never liked to be brushed, but the texture of his hair is different than Dougy’s weas. Dougy used to get more mats than his brother. Of course, the longer his hair grew, the more his hair matted. If I can continue the once-per-three-months schedule, I should avoid the matting problem pretty much.

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