10Aug20: But it’s different, sort of!


“Seriously,” Andy meows, “it’s different.”


Yes, when I leave my lapboard on the late Dougy’s memorial ottoman, Andy hops on the lapboard. As far as he’s concerned, it isn’t the forbidden ottoman when the lapboard tops it. 


“I can do what I want now,” purred Andy.


No surprise that Andy tops it off with a nap.








15 thoughts on “10Aug20: But it’s different, sort of!

    • More like he’s afraid Dougy will show up to kick kitty butt, though by now we both realize that won’t happen. (Dougy left lots of his scent on it, believe me!)

    • No, and when I asked his veterinarian about it, I got a surprised look. I don’t think one was done even though I signed a paper asking for that and cremation. Of course, if they didn’t do one, a cremated cat doesn’t yield any clues. I made a point of my concern that if Dougy died of something he could pass on to Andy, I needed to know that so I could take precautions. For that matter, since he was only a few days older than nine years, I needed to be aware of what caused his death so I could know if there was anything I could have done to prevent it. He had a full physical with blood comprehensive tests just a few months earlier because I was concerned he was a bit thin. He passed all of them and seemed to be a healthy cat. Of course, that made his death even more curious.

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