11Aug20: “Respect my authority!”


Andy has a way of letting me know he’s through with me. It starts with a paw on my hand. If I try to top his paw with my hand, he reasserts his desire to be left alone by putting his paw back on top of my hand. If I ignore his wishes, he’ll add a little bite to my hand. It has just enough pressure to let me know “I AM NOT KIDDING, BUB!” What can I say? Petting a kitty is very satisfying business if the kitty boy agrees to the attention.

19 thoughts on “11Aug20: “Respect my authority!”

    • Yes, and Andy usually pulls his paw back, then puts it back on top on my finger! That’s the point where he bites. I can tell if he’s irritated, though, because he’ll bite harder or add claws to his reaction.

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