12Aug20: Dougy’s ghost…

Andy still senses Dougy’s presence on the ottoman, and is hesitant to get on it unless…

…the lapboard Andy’s claimed as part of Andylandia is on top of the ottoman. He’s also marked both top corners of my laptop’s screen, so I guess I use my laptop at Andy’s pleasure as well. Cats!

33 thoughts on “12Aug20: Dougy’s ghost…

  1. Andy is right to respect this ottoman . Even for me Ottoman=Dougy.
    In friendship
    ps ; I transfered your apprecied comment from facebook below my wordpress blog!!The link I put on facebook is for my old Xanga friends

    • Sadly, I found Dougy dead on July 15th morning. I never learned what happened to him – he and Andy just turned nine years old on July 1st, so he wasn’t really old – because a requested post mortem wasn’t done for some reason.

      • Oh I am so sad to hear that. Did he have any symptoms etc? My Coco is 14 years old. And she seems to be loosing weight, no matter how much she eats. We took her to the Dr. But to do a examination costs a lot here. So we look after her now. But she is still the same.

        • None that I noticed. I had a very thorough examination done on his a few months ago because I thought he looked thinner than usual. The test results came back showing he was very healthy.

          • …and they cost a lot here, too. I think it was almost US$170 for the bloodwork, but it was very comprehensive, covering four pages of tight, small print.

    • The scent is still there, I’m sure. The ottoman in particular must have strong Dougy scent since he spent lots of his day there.

      • He scratched at it al lot, and with scent glands between his kitty toes, I bet he left quite a few “my territory” signs for Andy.

        We’re having some nice cooler weather at the moment, but the forecast for Saturday is now 102 here. The kitties will be sleeping it off in the air conditioning.

        • That he did. The ottoman was especially marked because he did it every time Andy or I got near it, which was, of course, several times a day. The fact all four corners are ragged and scratched out verifies that!

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