09Sep70: music soothes that savage beast…

Andy surprises me sometimes. Who would expect him to be interested in ballet, for example to Stravinsky’s “Firebird”?

Our friend Dolly posted this video on her blog, along with the story of the Firebird. I suspect Andy’s interest was the movement and the high  pitched “noises” in the music. Mozart supposedly hated flutes, but Andy love, love, loves them! I suppose music in the flute range sounds somewhat “birdy” to a kitty boy.


It’s been awhile since I recommended another blog, but Dolly’s blog is food for the body and soul! She never fails to entertain with interesting stories and delicious recipes. I heartily recommend you check her posts out!


35 thoughts on “09Sep70: music soothes that savage beast…

  1. Doug, I am overwhelmed! This was so totally unexpected. I am honored, and I thank you for this lovely recommendation. I only hope to live up to this high billing.
    I love the way Andy moves his tail in tact to the music.

  2. I like the tail swinging long with the music! 🙂

    We are under a Level 1 fire evacuation order now. Level 1 is get ready, 2 is get set, and 3 is level immediately. The town just to the south of us is at level 2 as of last night. Packed and ready to go with kitties.

    • So much sadness these days. You, Rick, and the kitties be safe. Best wishes the fires don’t harm you property and all the work you two have put into it since moving there, too.

  3. dood….we due knot haz sound on thiz pea sea but we still say 984 pawz UP on yur mooveez….& noe joke; catz like de sound oh de harp…sum thin bout de tonez we like ~~~~ de gurl used ta play songs that had harp for sauce of fishbone ♥♥♥

    • He always was the serious one of the kitty brothers. Dougy was more fun because he was more playful, but Andy is coming out of his shell now that he isn’t in competition with DOugy.

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