10Sep20: Andy wants to know!

Andy just found out WordPress made him switch to this new format that doesn’t work for him. He is unamused since he already switched back to Classic WordPress and can’t figure out how to do it again. 

What to do? What to do? 

Andy is on the lapboard, which is on Doug the human’s lap since Doug the human is having coffee and Ritz crackers with peanut butter for a midday snack. Hmm! Andy needs to investigate this!

Hmm. Kitty boys don’t like coffee.

Or do they? Andy sticks his whole head into the mug to get anything he can! (But he couldn’t….)

Doug the human is incredulous – or maybe not. Andy always wants to check out the coffee even though he knows Doug knows he knows, blah, blah, etc. that kitty boys don’t like coffee. Andy already rejected the peanut butter crackers so there is no reason for him to stay on the lapboard, eh?!

The late Louie the ginger kitty looks back from the coffee mug to give his opinion about Andy’s curious curiosity. If he weren’t a ghost kitty boy, he’d tell Andy, “Get a grip, Andrew! You never like coffee! (Louie the ginger cat probably would tell Doug the human something along the same line about WordPress changes.)


12 thoughts on “10Sep20: Andy wants to know!

  1. Maybe those humans at WordPress will hear Andy’s complaint and correct the problem. It seems like just when we kitties get used to something humans change it up again. Tee hee hee.

    • WordPress had the option of reverting to the old version, which I did. Then, fxxxing hackers took advantage of a weakness in the revision that they used to further screw things up, messing things up to a point I am giving thought not t5o continue blogging. Death to shithead hackers!

  2. That stupid block editor has caused so much anger among WP users. Nobody likes it, I have had several angry emails with WP over this and a couple other things. People are leaving WP because of this.

    • I hate it! I returned to the classic version, but the new version had a flaw that exposed it to hacker mischief. One of the “improvements” the hackers made returned me to a messed up old version that is worse than both the new version and any perceived issues with the old one that the wizards of WordPress thought they were making better.

      • Doug, I’ve had a few online chats with these idiots, they always reply with the same old corporate responses. They do not care what we users have to say. They are going to ram this editor down people’s throats and up the bum. The only thing keeping me here are the wonderful people and community.

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