11Sep20: “This makes it real….”

The call last Saturday came during my post dialysis nap. Something-something-something-Dougy-can-pick-it-up. I wasn’t awake and the call came too late in the day for me to call back for verification. I already had the sympathy card and the sad tin of Dougy’s ashes. Why was I being called to pick up his ashes again? Was that the message?

Thanks to a weekend and a holiday, the earliest I could find out what I was picking up was after the next round of dialysis, late Tuesday morning.

It turned out to be the paw print piece above. When the receptionist handed it to me, I broke down. Regaining composure, I said, “This makes it real….” Sweet, wee Dougy is dead. 


In the photo above, Dougy watches Andy come over to the back door to watch the birds in the fir and apple trees in the backyard. The little red chair was my mother’s when she was a child. 

Douglas James Thomas, “Dougy” – 1 July 2011-15 July 2020

39 thoughts on “11Sep20: “This makes it real….”

    • I have a place in the dining area where the earlier ones are. As for his ashes, I think I will spread them under his favorite fir tree in the back yard, a tree that always has lots of watchable birds he loved to watch. (Andy, too.)

    • Thank you. That’s exactly how it is. To this day, the first day of August always is the day Louie the ginger kitty died and I found him in his favorite spot.

    • Thank you. I have three of those medallions now, one for each of three kitties I’ve been blessed to have. One never forgets each one. For that matter the 9th of September will always be my childhood dog’s birthday. Peanuts Lee Thomas I called him. He was a character and a sweet pup.

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