24Sep20: Oh you cat!

Andy’s too content to leave alone!

What am I doing to Andy that he has the look of “Oh, don’t eat me Mr. Owl!” on his mug?

(Hint: Giving him loving!” And he’ll have nothing to do with it!)



36 thoughts on “24Sep20: Oh you cat!

    • I think they understand a lot more than we realize. I remember, though, how enchanted I was with the notion of communicating with animals the way Dr. Doolittle did! One of my teachers in grade school read the Doolittle book to us after recess. I think it was in sixth grade.

    • I’ve had weird stuff happening on WordPress of late. For the $300 a year I pay for the use of this site, it disturbs me when shit like this happens. Sorry for the “shit” comment. No, shit, shit, shit! WordPress owes me an answer worth $300.

        • It is maddening to pay that much money for a service and to get less than what I paid for. I had difficulty getting photos to post in one recent post, and trying to make a correction in the text took me so much time on one version I eventually trashed it and redid it in a new one. I try to keep this rated “G” for general audiences, not because I’m so pure, but because the vocabulary I picked up in the US Army days is too disturbing for most people just looking for a little kitty humor! LOL!

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