04Oct20: kitty business…but first!

Andy’s mousie dream sets his toes aflutter! Then he…

…wakes up. “Dang! It was just a dream!” No mice there. No matter…

…Andy remembers he has kitty business to do!

But first… >Scratch< >Scratch< >Scratch<

Whew! That’s better! Andy prepares to launch himself off the kitty lounger!

18 thoughts on “04Oct20: kitty business…but first!

    • Same here. Incidentally, I love how Andy wakes up. He’s soooo sweet. He likes me to pet him, rub his face and head. He even lets me hold and pet him a bit longer than normal. It takes him a little time to fully wake up.

  1. I’ve just planned a blog post (for later this month) about the stupid notion that black cats don’t look good in photos. Young Andrew is proof that this is nonsense! I love how he’s slightly differently-coloured in each of his photos. Here he looks all shades of black and silver. 🖤

    • He’s been on Science Diet chicken, a prescription version to help with urinary issues that are typical for Persians when they get old. Before that, he was on Science Diet pate chicken and other kinds of the same brand in pate form. I always mush the food down because Persians find it easier to eat that way. I even add just enough water to it to make the food more liquid for the same reason. The dry food I feed him is Science Diet UR, a non-prescription food that has the same benefit as the prescription wet food. He love, love, loves Greenies treats in chicken and catnip flavors, but he and his late brother were good at eating what I put out for them. Royal Canin has a line of dry foods made specifically for Persians and other breeds. I liked their dry food with urinary benefits, but tried the Science Diet once their veterinarian prescribed it. As long as Andy eats it and thrives on it, the brand is not important to me. Louie the ginger cat thrived on the Friskies pate, incidentally. The Science Diet is formulated to help control hairballs, incidentally. Regardless of where you buy the food from, check the reviews in Amazon listings or PetSmart or Chewy’s for what other cat owners find helped their kitties with the hairballs and other issues. It might not hurt to make an appointment with your kitty’s veterinarian, too, if the issue has been a long term one. Food allergies can cause that problem. (Andy has a food allergy to sea food. Chicken turned out to work best for him in any form.) Good luck!

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